35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.

Owner and operator of

ex Southern Railway Merchant Navy No.35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.



The Loco roster for December 2022 and the beginning of January 2023 is now on the GWSR website and 35006 is rostered from Tuesday 27th December until Monday 2nd January inclusive.

As usual please consult the GWSR website before traveling to see the loco as changes can occur.




The loco completed it's latest duties with the GWSR Mixed Traffic Gala last weekend.

It is not rostered again for a while so some small maintenance jobs will be undertaken in the next few weeks.




The Loco successfully completed a weeks duties on the 15th October and is currently in the middle of another tour which started on Saturday the 22nd and will take it up to the end of the GWSR Mixed Traffic Gala on Sunday 30th October.

As always, please check with the GWSR website before traveling to see the Loco.




Steam services resumed on the GWSR on Tuesday 23rd August with 35006 and 46521.35006 is now scheduled to be running until Saturday 10th September. As always this can change so please check the GWSR website if you are travelling to see the loco.





After the last turn on 13th July the loco has had a washout and a number of minor faults have been rectified. It was due to run again on the 16th August but due to the hot dry weather the GWSR has replaced the steam services with diesels. The earliest it will now operate will be the 23rd August but that is still subject to the weather conditions.





There have been some changes to the locomotive rosters at the GWSR and the next scheduled turns for 35006 are now from Tuesday 5th July until Saturday 9th July, excluding Friday 8th.
As usual these dates are always liable to change so please check with the GWSR before traveling.
Here is a photo of the Loco double heading with 34028 Eddystone at Toddington on

3rd June at the GWSR Steam Gala.




The loco performed well at the GWSR Steam Gala at the beginning of June and will finish its latst rostered turns on Friday 17th June with a footplate experience day. Its next rostered turns will start on Tuesday 28th June for a week. As always please check with the GWSR website before travelling.


Our stall did well at the Gala but will still have some items of branded clothing so if you are interested please email us at clothing@35006.co.uk with your requirements.




We hosted the AGM of the Bulleid Pacific Locomotive Association at Toddington and arranged for the attendees to have a trip behind the loco from Toddington to Broadway and return. Below is a photo by Ian Crowder of them by the loco at Broadway.




The Loco successfully completed its latest duties on Saturday.

It is next rostered from the 15th to the 24th April. Please check with the GWSR website before traveling because it may change.

Here is a photo from Andy Beale at Cheltenham station of the race trains, 35006 is at the head of the second train and 7903 on the far end out of sight on the first one.





The winter maintenance has been finished and the loco has been steamed and successfully completed some test running yesterday.
Yesterday the GWSR was conducting some trials with a new type of coal, ovoids, and these were also used on 35006 for our steaming. We did one light engine test to Winchcombe and back which was successful. The loco was then used on a service train from Broadway to Cheltenham and back to Toddington.





The winter maintenance has been going well and the loco should be ready for the Race Trains in March.





The loco completed its latest rostered turns on Christmas Eve and has now been winterised and winter maintenance has been started.


One of the biggest jobs we will be doing this winter is a Piston and Valve exam. We will also be examining the bearings and re white metalling them if necessary.


If all goes well we expect that our first runs will be on the Race Trains in March.