35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.

Owner and operator of

ex Southern Railway Merchant Navy No.35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.



The Loco completed its 2023 turns on the 19th November with the Charity Santa train.

It is now undergoing its winter maintence and should be running next on the Race Trains in March.




There has been another change to the roster and the loco worked yesterday and is running today.


The loco is rostered in November on the 18th and 19th. On the 18th it will be working the Race Special and a Fish & Chip train and on the 19th it is a Charity Santa event.





There have been some changes to the GWSR loco roster and the loco will now not be running from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th October.


It is still scheduled to be running at the Autumn Gala event Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.


As usual if you are traveling specifically to see the loco please check with the GWSR.





The loco steamed for 7 days in September.


The loco is now rostered for 17 days in October as follows: Saturday 7th


Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th, ( the Friday is a Gold experience day and the railway is not open to the public)


Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th,


Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd,


Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th,


Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, (Autumn Gala Event)


As always this is subject to change so please check with the GWSR website, https://www.gwsr.com/facilities/locomotive-roster before traveling.





Unfortunately the loco was not able to complete all its rostered turns in August because of an ashpan fire, which distorted the ashpan, on Sunday 20th.

Although the damage was quickly repaired it's duties were given to other members of the GWSR fleet.


It started its next duties on Saturday 2nd September and is due to be in service until the 14th September, as usual please check with the GWSR before travelling to see it.





The loco steamed for 17 days in July although at one time we had a problem with the ashpan which took a few days to fix. We are grateful to the GWSR that they agreed to rearrange some of our steamings until later in the month.


The loco is now rostered for 8 days in August as follows:


Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th,

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th,

Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th,


As always this is subject to change so please check with the GWSR website, https://www.gwsr.com/facilities/locomotive-roster before traveling.





The Loco performed well at the gala and during its subsequent turns in May.

It is next rostered on Tuesday 13th June until Saturday 24th June, except for Monday 19th and Friday 23rd June. As always please check with the GWSR as below, before travelling.





The Loco successfully completed its last batch of turns on the 20th April. Its next rostered turn is on Monday 8th May, then Wednesday 10th May, followed by the Steam Gala on the 12th to the 14th May.

It then carries on from the Gala until Saturday 20th May. As always please check with the GWSR website, https://www.gwsr.com/facilities/locomotive-roster before traveling.





There has been a change to the GWSR roster and 35006 is now scheduled to run from Wednesday 12th till Thursday 20th April excluding Friday 14th and Monday 17th.

As usual if you are traveling to see the loco working then please check the GWSR website beforehand.





The loco succesfully completed its rostered turns on the Race Trains and is not now rostered until at least May, possibly as late as the Cotswold Festival of Steam, 12 to 14th May. During this period we will be carrying out more maintenance work.





The loco passed its steam test on Friday 3rd March, and on the Saturday had a number of light engine runs to Broadway and Winchcombe to test the loco and bed in the bearings that were worked on during the winter maintenance.

All went well and the loco is now ready for its next rostered duties on the Race Trains later in the month.





The winter maintenance is going well. The boiler has passed its cold exam and will have its steam test in a couple of weeks. All the drivers side coupling bearings have been remetalled and all the motion has been replaced and cleaned. The speedometer has been removed and sent to LMS in Loughborough for overhaul and re-calibration. There are still a few more jobs to do but the loco should be ready to return to service in March.  

If any of you are interested in helping to keep the loco going we are always looking for volunteers. Please email us at: volunteer@35006.co.uk and we will send you details.